Bipolar Test

The first step to achieving overall mental wellness involves determining whether you may have a problem. The mental health test provided will help you do that. By honestly answering the questions listed below you will be able to establish whether you require psychiatric intervention. Any information shared will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.
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Bipolar Test

Take Control of your Well-being
Complete the Questionnaire:
The questions below pertain to your emotional and psychological well-being and how they affect your daily functioning. Please provide honest answers for each.

Welcome to your Bipolar Test

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Do you find yourself feeling extremely happy at some points and then very sad, in a short period of time? 

Do you often feel as if though you need little sleep in order to feel rested?

Has there been times when you have felt both high (elated) and low (depressed) at the same time?

Has there been great variations in the quantity or quality of your work?

Do you get into moods where you feel very irritable?

At times are you much more talkative and then go through silent phases?

Are there times of tearfulness and crying, and at other times you laugh and joke excessively?

Do you find it difficult to pay attention or even feel confused or dazed at times?

Has there been times where you have been much more active and at other times feel depleted of your energy? Are you often consuming too much or too little food?