"Time does not heal the wounds that occur in those earliest years; time conceals them. They are not lost; they are embodied." - Vincent Felitti


Dr. Elaine Bing is a Counselling Psychologist, active in private practice for more than 25 years. Her passion for Psychology is informed by her passion for people—finding out how their specific world experience has influenced them and providing help when needed. In using a directive approach in therapy, Dr. Bing teaches individuals the skills they need to better manage their situations and live fulfilling lives.

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Dr. Bing is especially fascinated by the impact of behavioural therapies on mental illness, and focuses mainly on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Behavioral Activation, and Meta-cognitive Therapy. She presents various counselling groups at ZwavelStream Clinic, where she shares skills for managing Depression, Anxiety Disorders and EDMR for Trauma. Special interests include Trauma—from early childhood trauma to recent trauma, and single incidents to complex multiple traumas. Dr. Bing’s main approach when working with trauma is EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), although she also makes use of Exposure-based Cognitive Therapy, Narrative, and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

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