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Dr Lihle Mgweba-Bewana is a Specialist Psychiatrist with a subspecialist qualification in Neuropsychiatry. Neuropsychiatry involves the interface between psychiatry and neurology. Neuropsychiatrists assess and manage a wide range of conditions that can manifest with psychiatric symptoms and complications.

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Short summary

Dr Mgweba-Bewana works within a multidisciplinary team context and uses a patient-centered model for delivering mental health care. Treatment is individualized for each patient and their specific needs. She adopts a collaborative approach where the patient is seen as an expert in their own healthcare needs.

When necessary, patients may require inpatient care. She admits patients to the Zwavelstream clinic. She continues to assess and manage general psychiatric conditions in adults.


  • MBChB (UCT),
  • DMH (SA),
  • FC Psych (SA),
  • MMED (UCT),
  • Cert. Neuropsychiatry
Dr Lihle Mgweba-Bewana's area of expertise:

Dementia (Neurocognitive disorders)


Autoimmune disorders

Traumatic brain injury

HIV and other infectious diseases that can affect the nervous system

Dr Lihle Mgweba-Bewana's Special Interest:

Cultural and Spiritual aspects of mental health and illness

Corporate mental wellness

Technological advancements and their interface with mental health

Neurodiversity in adults (ADHD, autism spectrum disorders)


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