Additional Facilities Promoting Wellness

It’s More Than Just Therapy

Additional Facilities

We have facilities for relaxing and pleasant surroundings to meet with family and friends who visit.

The beautiful gardens lend themselves to scenic picnics, bird watching, and observing the wild animals that freely roam the area. The water features and pool add to the tranquil energy, as well as the peaceful atmosphere that promotes wellness. Wi-Fi is available during evenings and over weekends so that patients can stay connected and up to date with what is happening outside of the clinic.

There are also several opportunities to unwind with a good book, movie, or various board games and puzzles.

Coffee Shop

ZS Coffee Shop

“A cup of tea makes everything seem just a little better” ZS Coffee Shop is our coffee shop and the space where we offer patients the opportunity to have a leisurely cup of our selected teas, coffee, latte, hot chocolate, etc. They can also meet visiting family and friends in this warm and homely environment, where freshly baked goods and light meals are always available for purchase.


“The earth has music for those who listen”

It is our striving to use the healing powers of nature to the benefit of patients, and the lush gardens surrounding the clinic create the ideal space for this. Being outdoors has a positive effect on mental and emotional well-being. We encourage patients to take in the natural surroundings with the animals and foliage. Several parts of the vast garden have spots where patients can reflect in quiet solitude.


ZwavelStream is ideally located amid the fast-developing east of Pretoria. Situated on Achilles Road, Olympus, Opposite Mooikloof Equestrian Estate, the clinic can be accessed from the following points:

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  • menlyn-shopping-center
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