Fees & Medical Aids

What You Need To Know

We work closely with all major medical schemes to ensure cost-effective, accessible and quality care to all our patients.

ZwavelStream Clinic's fees are in accordance with NHN contracted tariffs

ZwavelStream Clinic's fees are in accordance with NHN contracted tariffs.

It is in the patient's best interest to be adequately informed about their cover before admittance. Please familiarise yourself with your medical aid’s/scheme's benefits, available funds or the length of stay your medical aid will fund before admission.

Your Medical Aid will be able to inform you:
  • What Benefits do you have available and whether the service is covered
  • What co-payment, if any, is required? We are a designated service provider for most medical aids.
  • Provide you with an Authorization Number.
  • Our Case Managers constantly liaise with Medical Aids regarding benefits available, extensions in the patient's care, etc. Enquiries can be directed to them during the patient's stay with the clinic.
  • Patients are reminded that the account remains their responsibility.

In most cases, medical aid schemes cover a wide range of clinical services rendered for up to a maximum of 21 days per annum. Should you require specialised programs or treatments, a co-payment may be required. All patients are liable to settle their accounts not paid by their medical aid.

Please visit our admission page for more information.

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