Actions you can take to stay clear of the holiday blues

Here’s a small list of actions you can take to stay clear of the holiday blues this year

Let the past be in the past.

Many people get disappointed because their holidays aren’t how they used to be. The difference is due to numerous reasons, such as not being able to spend the holiday period with a loved one, like you once used to. Every holiday season is different, and we should approach it as such. Letting go of previous negative holiday feelings or emotions and opening yourself up to new experiences this year will be of great benefit to you.

Spend time with supportive loved ones or friends

We suggest spending time in a supportive and loving environment with friends or family. They can help you distress with stories that ignite laughter and good memories. One study found that social ties enhance your psychological well-being because friends and family gives one a greater sense of belonging and a stronger sense of purpose.

Get into the festive mode

Decorate your home for the holidays and create a space that feels less dull. Maybe put on some of your favourite music whilst decorating to lift your holiday spirit. Remember that getting into the holiday spirit does not mean that you should avoid your feelings. There’s room for those feelings, but with the help of a little holiday spirit, you can easily manage those emotions when and if they arise.

Spend time doing the things you couldn’t get to during the busy year

After Covid-19 crossed our borders, a lot of us did not get the chance to do the things we wanted. If you had planned a weekend getaway that you did not get to, now is your chance. Be considerate with your budget so that you don’t put yourself under any necessary pressure during the long month of January.

Keep on exercising

Exercise works similar to an antidepressant, increasing your levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. For many, the holiday’s changes their routines drastically and their sense of normalcy flies out the window. It is of great importance to stick to your exercise routine throughout the holiday, even when you’re not in the mood for it.

Being mindful during the holidays

Another tool at your disposal and that’s quite effortless is trying mindfulness practices during the holidays. Research has indicated that mindfulness increases relationship satisfaction, reduces anxiety and increases empathy. All of which are benefits to you. Below are some techniques you can try out when the symptoms of holiday blues are starting to set in.

Practise active listening

It is so easy to tune out when people are chatting away at holiday dinners. However, you’ll be quite surprised how rewarding it is to observe and hear. Nothing picks up your mood like being in great company and listening to everyone’s stories. The authentic conversation goes a long way in improving your mood.

Open yourself up to the emotions of others

Being receptive and attentive to the emotions of others increases your ability to connect. Be open to communication and connection during the holiday season. If people reach out to you, be open to communication.

Practise self-care

The holidays are a great time to practise some self-care. Now that you have a little more time for yourself, you can use it to unwind and to do something that brings joy to your life. Read a good book from your favourite author or take a relaxing bath. This year has taken its toll on most of us, so a little self-care during the holiday is a necessity.

Practise meditation

If you are feeling a drop in your mood or generally just feeling low, try and put on a meditation video on Youtube. Frequent meditation helps decrease stress and will certainly improve your mood. The best part is you can do it anytime, anywhere and for however long you wish. You can also download a meditation app that will help your mind de-stress effectively.

Hitting survival mode

The critical thing to remember is that you don’t have to go barrelling through November and December in a constant state of anxiety and depression. By implementing our survival tips, you’ll get through the excessive joy and cheer just fine.

Limit drinking and do not binge on holiday food. If you’re lonely, don’t isolate yourself (as tempting as that may be). Volunteer your time to help others, or go for walks in public spaces.

survival tips:

  • Think of ways to commemorate loved ones you have lost to bring positivity and light to the season.
  • Don’t over-extend yourself with social engagements.
  • Make a budget, and more importantly, stick to it.
  • Share holiday responsibilities, like shopping, cooking, hosting gatherings.
  • Be sure to make time for yourself amidst all the giving and sharing.
  • Schedule times for shopping when malls are quieter. Or better yet, shop online.

We suggest spending time in a supportive and loving environment with friends or family. They can help you distress with stories that ignite laughter and good memories.

Treatments available to you

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