Adolescent Mental health issues and early signs

Adolescent Mental health issues and early signs

Adolescence is a time in our lives when we begin to become more independent, and more involved in social relationships. However, it’s a difficult time of transition from childhood into adulthood. Adolescents are those who fall into the age group between 10 years up to 19 years old. During this time there will be major changes happening both physically as well as emotionally.

Today, adolescents are exposed to many things, many of which can have a negative impact on young minds. The ever-increasing exposure to various forms of negative media, violence and tough economic circumstances are just a few things they have to contend with. And it is just these factors that could very well be the cause of mental health disorders in adolescents.

Peer pressure is a major problem amongst students at school, because it becomes increasingly significant to fit in and belong somewhere. Many of us who have passed the adolescent stage should remember high school years, and how there were always ‘cliques’ or select groups that form among young adults.

Sometimes to fit in, you are willing to make a few concessions in order to be accepted by others. On the other hand, you may not be accepted into a group or you are bullied because you might be different in some way. Imagine how this would affect a person’s mental health, especially a young mind just beginning to find their way in life.

In most cases, there is more than one factor which contributes to teenage mental health issues.

Some of these factors include:

  • High expectations: the need to succeed in everything, sports as well as academically.
  • An unstable family and home environment.
  • Exposure to technology, mainly social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Discrimination amongst peers.
  • Lack of access to healthcare and a reliable support system.
  • Teenagers who suffer from pre-existing health conditions or disabilities.

All contributing factors can lead to depression in adolescents and other mental health problems. For many, there is so much going on at school and at home, creating a lot of pressure to constantly perform and succeed. Many parents understand when it comes to exams, how much pressure students are under to perform well academically to get into the best college or university. Many, if not all adolescents feel some sort of stress and pressure during this stage in their lives.