Dealing with Burnout

Dealing with Burnout

The effects of burnout are far-reaching and can be consuming for someone in a state of emotional and physical exhaustion. Constantly being in a negative mindset will chip away at relationships with friends and partners. As you are likely to be more irritable, arguments will happen more often, and eventually your mood will begin to rub off on others, making them not want to be around you.

Isolating yourself during this time might feel like the best thing to do, but
support from loved ones is one of the most significant factors in overcoming burnout. It’s important to treat relationships with care and understanding to avoid this.

It’s just as important to take care of yourself as well. Burnout isn’t something that will resolve itself. Following key recovery strategies will help you back to the path of health and well-being. Begin with yourself. Self-care involves light exercise, like going for short walks, pampering yourself by doing your nails, hair, having long, relaxing baths, and getting to bed early at night.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the bigger picture. Start with basics, like exercise, sleep, a nutritious diet, and drink plenty of water. Focusing on these baby steps will keep you from feeling weighed down, and will also provide positive feelings of accomplishment that will encourage you to keep going.

Keeping a journal is also a great way to reinforce positive thinking. Write down things you are grateful for, and practice affirmations to help you visualize the kind of future you want to have.

It’s little things that will add up to making a positive change in your lifestyle, and restore the balance you need to thrive again. If you feel that you or someone you know may need professional help with burnout, contact our team at ZwavelStream Clinic for more information and treatment for burnout.