Exam stress what to look for

What to look for

All children respond to a bit of loving pressure from parents when it comes to performing well at school. However, when this pressure becomes too much it can have a rather destructive effect. For example, children might internalize their parents’ concerns and worry intensely about their academic achievement. What this worry does, in turn, is become an obstacle to this desired achievement.

Instead, they are fearful and anxious, which could lead to under-performance. As a result, children could experience a sharp decline in confidence, feeling as if they aren’t good enough or incapable of doing well. Sure, it’s a bleak picture, but a reality for many. The good news is that it’s entirely avoidable.

Firstly, know what to look for in a child overwhelmed by stress and understand that without your help and support their situation could escalate immensely. Problems with sleep, changes in appetite, low moods and irritability, and lack of concentration are all signs of acute stress.

Children under a lot of stress and pressure also complain about headaches, tummy aches, and often use these as excuses to miss school. If left unchecked, these symptoms could become progressively worse until finally developing into a much more serious mental health condition, like anxiety disorder or major depression.