Habits that are devastating to your mental health

Habits that are devastating to your mental health

We all have one or two habits that we wished we never had. Bad habits can place a decline in your mental health and affect it adversely. By ending these habits, you give your mental health a chance to flourish and rejuvenate your overall perspective on life.

Lack of exercise

Studies have shown over and over again that there is a defined link between physical exercise and depression. Therefore, you should consider following an exercise routine that fits your schedule and routine. When you perform any exercise your body naturally releases endorphins that improve your mood.

Indulging in your stress

Stress is a normal element of life. It keeps us alive. Everyone is prone to it at some point in their lives. Understanding what you can and can’t control and avoid fixating over the situations or factors which you can’t control. Did you know that in situations of extreme stress your brain releases another chemical called cortisol which when secreted in large amounts, hinders the brains cognitive functionality?

Shooting for perfection

There are mainly two types of perfectionism. Positive perfectionism is when you set up realistic goals which you know you can meet, but being Ok if things don’t necessarily go according to plan. Negative perfectionism, on the other hand, is when your mental health starts to decline due to, for instance, setting unachievable goals for yourself and not coping when you can’t achieve them. Perfection cannot be obtained and its best we forget that it exists. Ruminating over your past failures will harm your mental health.

You keep on maintaining toxic relationships

Relationships that leave you feeling drained is slowly poisoning your mind, compromising your mental health. These kinds of relationships will affect you in several ways, which will lead you down the road of anxiety or depression. Now more than ever we need people in our lives that provide the support and structure that we need to cope. Stay away or out of conversations with people who you know is a little bit toxic. Instead, replace them with people who only want the best for you.

Evaluate and do some self-reflection on what your habits are and how they affect you on a day to day basis.

Evaluate and do some self-reflection on what your habits are and how they affect you on a day to day basis. It is nearly impossible getting rid of all these bad habits all at once, so instead focus on one and start from there. The results that you see progressively will be the driving force behind dropping the rest of these bad habits. Postponing to take care of your mental health will only decline your mental state and capabilities over time.

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