Helping a loved one who has Borderline Personality Disorder

Helping a loved one who has Borderline Personality Disorder

Do you know somebody who has a borderline personality disorder? If you do, you know how difficult it is. Forming healthy relationships is difficult because of the constant mood swings, impulsive behaviour, and anger.

Not to mention other problems that can develop like drug abuse. All of these things can be overwhelming, and it may seem like a helpless situation. You may even need to look at getting anxiety treatment for yourself. Let’s have a look at things you can do to improve your relationship before it gets to this point.

First, you can educate yourself on what Mental Health Disorders are and understand that your loved one is struggling themselves. Their reactions and behaviour come from a place of fear and emotional pain. By understanding where the person is coming from, may help you to deal with situations more constructively.

Set boundaries, tell the person what behaviour you won’t tolerate. Don’t set an ultimatum but calmly tell them that their behaviour is upsetting, and they need to make some changes.

Communication is an important factor in any relationship, what can you do?

  • When you want to begin a meaningful conversation, make sure it’s when everyone is calm. It’s not the time if the person is shouting and seemingly out of control.
  • Acknowledging their feelings is important and can be pivotal in helping them regain composure.
  • Actively listen to what they are saying
  • There might be some unpleasant words being flung about, try to put aside what is being said and focus more on the emotion behind it.
  • Try to keep calm if the person is behaving badly and if necessary, walk away from the situation.
  • Try having a conversation in situations that are distracting and/or calming. For instance, when exercising or gardening.
  • Have conversations about other interesting topics and don’t just focus on the problem.

By seeking professional help at a mental health clinic, you will increase the chances of success in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Treatment for mental health disorders can provide you with the skills you need in order to live a healthier life. So, if you need advice or think you might be suffering from Borderline Personality disorder, or you think a loved one is living with it. Please reach out to us at the ZwavelStream clinic, where you will get the proper support and treatment you need.