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Maintain regular hours

Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Have clear guidelines for yourself when you work. Working normal office hours can help in your transition to working at home. The beauty of remote working is that you have a little flexibility in your day.

Some days you might wake up for work a little earlier and on others, you work a little later, it is very important to find and maintain a healthy work-life balance that meets your personal needs.

Create a lockdown morning routine for yourself

A powerful morning routine can be more helpful than a clock. What about your morning routine indicates to you that you’re about to start work? For some, it is making a cup of coffee, for other’s checking emails. During lockdown many aspects of our daily lives changed, and so did our morning routines. Adapting a morning routine that gets you in your working mode will be advantageous to all.

Schedule breaks

Taking small breaks during the day will keep your concentration sharp. Small breaks also give you a chance to re-focus and lowers stress in the form of decompression. This way you will be productive when you work and you’ll feel great doing it. Know your company’s policies on breaks and follow them at home.

Create your office space

If it is at all possible, try and separate workspace from the rest of the house. The dedicated workspace will go a long way in helping you being productive when you work.

Even if you don’t have enough rooms for an office you can still isolate working space for yourself. Once you’ve got your working space, you can start setting it up to accommodate your work needs.

Make the weekends count

Being cooped up in the house all week can take its toll on you. Making the best of the weekends will certainly help in maintaining a healthy and balanced mental state. Use this time to relax and be with family. Catch up on some much-needed sleep and dedicate a few hours to yourself.

Returning and coping with work after lockdown

Returning to work at first might feel strange and slightly awkward. Some might find it easy to return and others won’t. Navigating the aftermath will be a challenge for businesses and employees alike. Putting everyone’s safety first must be the main priority for businesses, these safeguarding measures are paramount because no business can survive without its workforce.

Many of us feel confused, worried and very apprehensive about returning to work. In light of this, we decided to give you some general tips that will help in preserving your mental health as we all approach our return to work.

Talk about it and stay connected

Upon your return, it is important to pop-in and see how your colleagues are doing. You don’t have to talk about work-related stuff, a quick chat will help everyone feel connected. After all, we’re all in the same boat. If you have any concerns about returning to work it is best to talk to your manager. Communicating your fears or concerns will assist management in watching out for any emotional impact over the coming months.

Plan ahead and prepare

Start by thinking about your current work situation. Ask yourself, what needs to change for you to do your job well? Most employers would have told their employees what to expect upon their return, but if yours haven’t its best you ask him before returning. Preparing for your return will also go a long way in managing stress and anxiety. Having your hand sanitizer and perhaps an extra mask will keep some of the concerns at bay.

Take things slowly and ease into things

Things are likely to keep changing over the next couple of months so we will need to adjust as those changes occur. The journey and transitioning back to “how things were” might feel slow and long but it’s best not to be discouraged. Look out for yourself and others around you. Respecting each other’s boundaries will also play a huge role in working together as a team.

Take a step back and check in on yourself

Having regular check-ins with yourself throughout the day is a necessity. Ask yourself: Am I coping with this? Are my colleagues respecting my boundaries? What can I do more to improve my mental health at work? Re-evaluating your situation helps put things into perspective. Focusing on positive thoughts will also assist in keeping your stress levels at a minimum.

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