Know the signs of mental health

Know the signs of mental health

As with all common health problems, you have to know the signs and symptoms in order to know if you need help or not. So, what should you be looking out for when it comes to your mental health?

Often, it is not a single sign or symptom but a combination that may point to a problem.

  • Feelings of anxiety worry and fear that are constant, this could lead to other common health conditions such as headaches, stomach issues, or heart palpitations.
  • If you notice dramatic changes in mood, irritability and emotional outbursts that seem severe or extreme in nature.
  • Losing interest in activities, withdrawing from social situations, a lack of energy or motivation.
  • A change in sleep patterns or struggling with insomnia
  • If there is a drastic change in weight
  • Thoughts and feeling of worthlessness and in severe cases thoughts of harming oneself or suicide.

As mentioned above, your physical health is closely linked to your emotional and mental health. A simple example: think about how you feel when you are sick, it’s not a pleasant experience. Even though most of us get better, there are those who have to deal with physical problems over long periods of time or even for a lifetime. Think of women’s health, for example, a woman who has problems falling pregnant and the stress that goes along with this. There is a very real chance of sinking into depression.

Men’s mental health is just as important in similar situations as well as others. That is why it is so important to look after yourself, to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing.

To begin your journey towards mental wellbeing, there are many things you can do. There is a very easy first step and this is to take a simple mental health test, which can be done at home. The test is a simple indicator, helping you to decide whether you require professional intervention.