Mental health when returning to work

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We should all take the steps necessary to improve our mental health and build resilience. The ability to cope with adversity is a crucial life skill to have and self-care is a skill that you have to work on constantly. For many of us coming out of lockdown to return to work is not a choice.

All across the country, people have been forced to return to work, even when the official advice given is to stay at home if possible. For some, this won’t be possible and the prospect of returning to work causes a lot of mixed emotions. When we start analysing the potential safety risks on ourselves and our families, returning to work can bring along with it added anxiety and stress.

A survey conducted by Giant leap indicated that 86% of people prefer going back to work. The survey also showed that 70% of people missed the general social interactions at the office. 81% of people who took the survey felt that remote working has made communication harder and 70% of people reported that they feel more sedentary, working from home.

Aug 26, 2020

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