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Your children can practise mindfulness during the lockdown by doing the activities below:

The Bell-Listening Exercise

To do this exercise, ring a bell and ask the children to listen to the noise of the ringing as it slowly decreases in volume. Have the children raise their hands when they feel like the ringing has completely stopped. This exercise helps teach children how to connect to the present moment and pay close attention to their senses.

Breathing Buddies

Have your children lie down on the floor on their back, and give each of them a stuffed animal. Tell them to place the stuffed animals on top of their bellies. Have them breathe in silence for one minute, and feel how their stuffed animal (“breathing buddy”) slowly moves up and down with their breath. Have them also note any other sensations that they might feel. These breathing exercises will keep them calm and relaxed.

The Squish and Relax Meditation

While the children are lying down with their eyes closed, tell them to tighten each muscle in their bodies, starting with their toes and moving all the way up to their heads. Have them hold each tightened muscle for a few seconds before fully releasing it and relaxing their bodies. This activity will help the children loosen up their bodies and minds. This is also a very effective method to teach children how to stay in the present moment.

All of the activities and exercises mentioned above should suffice in providing you with a much-needed lockdown routine and it should be keeping you and your loved ones busy during this period. If you feel like reading more helpful and interesting articles, click here to visit our other blog posts.

Please stay safe and practice self-isolation mindfully. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds under running water and remember that this too shall pass. There is after all hope for us all.

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