Purposeful activities to fill the day

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Social interaction through meaningful activities:

  • Watching a movie together and discuss it afterwards
  • Camping (indoors and outdoors) – if you don’t have access to a tent, create one with what you have
  • Indoor and outdoor games e. building an obstacle course with household items
  • Scavenger hunt – prepare for Easter when it’s Easter egg hunt, rainbow hunt (fetch articles with different colours), Book hunt (look for different pictures etc.), maths hunt, inventor hunt (fetch something that turns, twists, indoor and outdoor hunt
  • Cooking competition between house members
  • Don’t forget the pets – they too can participate in some of the above activities, teach them a new trick or give them a good bath
  • Walk down memory lane – go through photo albums, scrap books
  • Do house/family shows – COVID – 19 certainly is not minimizing people’s creativity – dance to music, sing along, do a play, have a dress-up, laugh stimulates the feel-good hormones, that we certainly need during this time

A couple of Questions to ask yourself

What makes you tick? What brings meaning to your life? What do you enjoy doing? This can be a perfect time to spend on activities that we usually don’t get time for. Have you asked yourself recently what’s on your bucket list?

Make a list of your wants and needs and build some of them into your lockdown time.

  • Do an online course
  • Start planning your yearly holidays
  • Try out a new hobby, art, craft, that you already bought all the supplies but haven’t had the time to engage in it
  • Run a bath, put music on, light a candle and read your book
  • Go in your garden and identify the birds you see or hear
  • Don’t forget to build in time to rest
  • Download a meditation and/or relaxation exercise app or look for a Youtube Channel that offers guided meditations
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