Sensory regulation during a time of limited sensory inputs

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Our senses can be powerful emotional triggers. A soothing touch can help us to feel safe and calm and the right music can energize or fill us with certain emotions. Even though we’ve all had these experiences, we don’t always think to consciously harness the power of our senses to help ourselves feel better.

One of the ways that can be helpful, is using our 5 senses. To help prevent overwhelming distress, you can make an effort every day to incorporate soothing things into your routine and environment, or you can utilize your senses to soothe yourself when you start to get upset, anxious or agitated.

Mindfulness is an important component of sensory self-soothing. To participate in self-soothing mindfulness meditation, we suggest that you go to a feel-good place that you prefer and focus your attention on the activity and the sensory experience.

When distressing thoughts come back up, set them aside and refocus on your senses and the present moment. It takes time and practice to master this technique, however, anyone participating will be rewarded with a blissful calm feeling afterwards.

Creating a self-soothing box can be an activity for the whole family. Each member can collect their soothing items, make sure to include something that engages each of the 5 senses.

Some ideas that you can try


  • Photos and/or pictures
  • Affirmation cards with images and quotes
  • Funny pictures
  • Glitter jar


  • Clay, playdough
  • Fidget toy
  • Worry stone or inspirational stone
  • Stress ball
  • Lotion to give yourself a hand massage


  • Create a soothing playlist
  • Nature sounds
  • Bells, chimes, music instruments


  • Scented lotion or spray
  • Candles
  • Spices, incense sticks, aromatherapy oils


  • Something to eat or drink while mindfully experience the taste and smell, touch etc.
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