The Way Forward - Children with Autism

The Way Forward

In the past, special needs schools assessed and placed children in their own capacity. However, a few years ago this authority was exclusively handed over to the government. This is when the problems started. Now so many parents are left feeling helpless, and too many children aren’t receiving the therapy and education they need. Lexy strongly believes that a move back to the old system is what will help. When the right people are meeting and dealing with the children in person – instead of making decisions based on paperwork – the process is sure to run more smoothly.

Lexy’s advice to parents going through the same battle is this: don’t give up. As exhausting and frustrating as the process and procedures can become, it’s imperative that you keep fighting. Ask questions, don’t be afraid to disagree, make the calls that need to be made. Because of course it isn’t fair that we as parents have go to these extreme lengths, but at the end of the day it’s in the best interest of the children.

And this advice is golden. It’s how we make sure the people in their district offices, hiding behind mounds of paperwork, learn to put a face to the black and white ink. It’s how we make sure they understand the urgency and fight just as hard to give our children what they deserve. Because only once we demand accountability, will this broken system begin to transform.

Is it fair that children filled with potential are excluded from social groups and education? As parents, we have to be the voices of all the children who cannot speak up for themselves. We have to make sure we exhaust every avenue until they have no choice but to follow through with what the Constitution claims. Contact Zwavelstream Clinic