Top tips when the anxiety starts setting in

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Create some distance between you and the media

To stop the spread of Covid, we practise social distancing. The same can be said about distancing yourself from the media. Continuous negativity from the media will send your brain into overdrive. Anxiety feeds off uncertainty and overthinking. Take a break from the press, instead focus on things you are grateful for or practise mindfulness to keep your mind anxiety free.

Take action because prevention is better than cure.

If you feel the mental effects of Covid anxiety and have not yet reached out for help, it is time to consider taking action. Symptoms of mental health can become like a snowball every day, adding on more and more anxiety. Eventually, it will catch up, and when it does, it can have devastating effects. However, you shouldn’t worry because Zwavelstream clinic is just a phone call away. The specialist medical support you will receive from them will help you regain your mental resiliency.

Take care of your body

Get enough rest and weekly exercise. Try some mindfulness techniques or meditations. Eating a balanced diet, as we mentioned, also goes a long way in managing anxiety and depression. Remember also to make enough time to unwind and try some activities you regularly enjoy.

Mar 8, 2021

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