Tough times call for tough people

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So what can you do to build and strengthen your resilience? Well, a good place to start would be by avoiding negative thought patterns, negative news articles and triggers that lead to an unhealthy state of mind and cause anxiety or unnecessary panic.

Worrying about the future won’t change it, and as much as we like to control our destiny, some things are just not in our control and shouldn’t leave you with sleepless nights. Remember, your Mental health is important to focus on the things you can control and leave the rest to take its natural course.

By identifying your anxiety or depressive triggers, you will safeguard that you are well equipped to deal with them when they arise. And while you’ve got the chance, make time to rest and relax because before we know it, things will return to normal. If you feel overly anxious or highly depressed, a bit of reading might do you wonders.

If you feel like reading interesting articles related to your mental health, click here to be redirected to our blog articles. Here we have covered a variety of subjects that’s sure to be very helpful and insightful. If you don’t feel like reading, take our mental health quiz online and who knows, you might discover something new about yourself.

May 8, 2020

Is COVID anxiety getting the better of you?

With the worldwide pandemic, we are seeing more and more reports of preliminary evidence that suggests that symptoms of anxiety and depression are common psychological reactions […]