Who are the Social Worker’s patients?

Who are the Social Worker’s patients?

Because of the wide range of expertise a Social Worker possesses, they are able to work with a wide range of different people in a variety of settings.

The most common kinds of cases referred to Social Workers include the following:

  • Crisis | People going through a particularly difficult time in their lives, with added stress and
    pressure which may be related to things like work, family, or marriage.
  • Serious illness or disability | People who need assistance through illness, recovery, or possibly
    adjusting to a different way of living.
  • Substance abuse | People whose lives are being negatively affected by substance abuse.
  • Spousal or child abuse | People whose lives are being negatively affected by physical or
    emotional abuse.
  • Severe trauma | Victims of violent crime, or people involved in situations that have inflicted any
    kind of emotional, physical, or mental trauma.
  • Mental illness | People living with mental illness that may take various forms, like depression,
    anxiety, or eating disorders.

The path to rehabilitation and recovery is made up of emotional, psychological, and logistical components. For instance, in cases of substance abuse, Social Workers provide therapy that seeks to assist the patients in developing a healthier balance in their lives.

Rehabilitation is further assisted by providing access to required resources, and the Social Worker also works closely with friends and family of the patient in order to ensure a sound support system.