Working around stress

Working around stress

Millions of people around the world suffer from depression, which has an effect on their daily lives. This includes absenteeism from work and a significant decrease in work productivity.

The results are major losses for companies, which then has a significant negative effect on a country’s economy. Employers can no longer ignore the problem if they want to grow their business and improve the quality of work produced. The good news is, employers can do something about this.

Companies can help to eliminate the shame or stigma attached to mental health problems by providing support within a safe environment. Employers can offer services to their employees, providing them with access to counsellors or psychologists. Life coaches can also offer great benefits, helping to improve confidence and focus.

Other benefits include providing employees with coping and problem-solving skills. In the end, companies will have more productive and happier employees. Those that work for a company that offers these benefits and services will also feel more confident about the organization. They will want to excel and succeed within the company, which then gives them more purpose in life. Once employers see the results of providing mental health support, they will find it a great investment for all concerned.

On the path to healing

So, what can employers do to improve conditions in the workplace and help those with mental health issues? First, put in place certain measures that help keep an eye out for signs of stress and burnout. Make sure the workload is manageable and that the hours put in are reasonable. When a company does offer support services, make sure employees are aware of these services. Raise awareness that certain medical aid insurers provide coverage and benefits for the treatment of mental health issues.

Employers can incorporate monthly wellness days where services can be offered, helping to bring awareness to improving overall health, including mental health. Creating a positive and healthy work environment is key to a company’s future and growth. Are you experiencing a high level of stress or feel that you are heading towards burnout because of work? There is help and support out there, and ZwavelStream Clinic is a safe place where you will find professional treatment and healing.