In-Patient Psychiatric Treatment

What You Need To Know

Commencing your stay at our Psychiatric Unit involves a process of three parts: Pre-admission, pre-authorisation and admission.

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The clinic has a 24-hour Emergency Admissions intake, but being a specialist's clinic a referral for admission is necessary. For admission, please note:

ZwavelStream Clinic accepts voluntary patients referred by their treating psychiatrist as well as from other health care professional referrals such as from a general practitioner (GP) or a hospital's emergency department (ER).

Emergency Admissions

In the case of an emergency admission, please get in touch with the clinic as soon as possible so that we can assist where we can. There are a psychiatrist as well as a psychologist on-call emergencies between 7h00 and 21h00. Should the patient be referred outside these hours, the psychiatrist will see the patient as soon as possible the next day.

The clinic's case manager will assist the patient with obtaining the necessary authorisation.

In the case of an after hour emergency or weekend admission, a refundable deposit will be required for the interim period until authorisation has been obtained. Again the clinic's case manager will assist the patient with this process as soon as possible within office hours.

Don't have a Professional Medical Referral?

Don't worry, you can either contact us directly 010 475 0150 / 066 255 8501 and we will assist


Pre-admission is the clinic's way of ensuring that all prospective patients are adequately prepared and that all the relevant documentation necessary for their stay are completed. A pre-authorisation number must be obtained once a patient with a medical aid has been referred to be admitted at the clinic.

The patient, or primary medical aid member, needs to contact their medical aid to obtain the necessary authorisation and verify that there are benefits available for the admittance. This ensures that everything will be in order on the day of your admission and that your intake will be fast, efficient, and less stressful.


For Efficient Pre–Authorisation, your Medical Aid will require the following:
  • Name and Practice Number of Patient’s Doctor
  • Medical Aid Details, Patient Name, Dependent Code, DOB
  • The Clinic’s Name: ZwavelStream Clinic and Practice Number | 0719048
  • Date of Admission
  • Referral Details
  • a.) ICD10 Code | describes diagnosis
  • b.) RPL Code | describes procedure

Fees & Medical Aids
  • ZwavelStream Clinic's fees are in accordance with NHN contracted tariffs.
  • It is in the patient's best interest to be adequately informed about their cover before admittance. Please familiarise yourself with your medical aid’s/scheme's benefits, available funds or the length of stay your medical aid will fund before admission.

Your Medical Aid will be able to inform you:

  • What Benefits do you have available and whether the service is covered
  • What co-payment, if any, is required. We are a designated service provider for most medical aids.
  • Provide you with an Authorization Number
  • Our Case Managers constantly liaise with Medical Aids regarding benefits available, extensions in the patient's care, etc. Enquiries can be directed to them during the patient's stay with the clinic.
  • Patients are reminded that the account remains their responsibility.

Important Points to Remember for Medical Aid Patients:

  • Most Medical Aids cover accommodation / Hospital Stay and Clinical Costs for a period of 21 days per year
  • The patient is responsible for any amounts not settled by their Medical Aid
  • ZwavelStream Clinic accounts include Ward Fees, Medication & Ward Stock only
  • Accommodation Fees are charged according to negotiated rates between NHN and the Patient's Medical Aid Scheme.
  • Medication is charged per item and is part of the Hospital Bill
  • There are free Psychiatry-related Group Therapy Sessions in place
  • Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapy & Social Workers charge separately for their services (Groups & Individuals) as per the Medical Aid Fund Tariff, and their account is not part of the clinic's bill.
  • Some Medical Aids exclude Therapies that are not Psychiatry-related |, e.g. Physiotherapy
  • Blood Tests are charged separately by the Pathologist
  • Sleep Studies and holster ECG's do not form part of the Hospital Bill are charged separately
  • All Medical Procedures that the psychiatrist refers the patient to undergo, e.g. MRIs, X-rays, etc., are not covered under "Psychiatry-related". This will be paid as per the patient's specific option (plan) of his / her Medical Aid Scheme
  • When discharged, Patients must be sure to leave the hospital before 12h00
  • Should Patients have any queries, contact your Medical Aid directly
  • ZwavelStream's Case Managers & Admin Staff are available for assistance during Office Hours, Monday to Friday

Private Patients:

Patients without a Medical Aid or who wants to fund their treatment themselves will be given an estimated Tariff Fee. Don't hesitate to contact the hospital for fee information and estimations. A deposit covering the estimated cost of the service for 10 days is required on admission.

If the actual costs or length of stay exceeds the estimate, you or your Guarantor will be required to make an additional payment. If your estimate exceeds the final account, you or your Guarantor will be refunded the balance. Payment of any co-payments should preferably be paid by EFT or Debit / Credit Card.

Admission Time & Process

To finalise your booking, please contact our Admin Staff and provide us with the authorisation number: / 010 475 0150 / 066 255 8501. (Medical Aids usually send Confirmation via Email / SMS, please mail or bring us a copy of your Confirmation.)

Most admissions usually occur on a Sunday, as per arranged time slot. Please adhere to these given admission times, as a staff member has been specifically appointed to assist with your admission; however, patients are assessed and diagnosed individually and can be admitted at any time if so required. Patients are urged to have all necessary documentation available to present upon admission. (Please see relevant info regarding pre-authorisation)..

Please check-in at reception, where an Administration Staff Member will assist the patient and the family/friends. Once the initial intake has been completed, the patient will be assigned to the ward and room best suited to their needs. Private rooms are available, but an additional cost will be charged if not requested by your doctor.

Once in the ward, a Nursing Staff Member will conduct an interview with the patient, take a Medical History and complete routine Medical Checks.

If there is a shortage of beds or any other unforeseen problems, we will contact you to make further arrangements.

What to Bring Along for Your Stay

Patients should consult this guide to ensure they have all that’s required on the day of admission:

  • All necessary documents for the Administrative Process | ID & Medical Aid Card
  • R200 cash for a refundable key & blanket deposit
  • Comfortable appropriate day & sleeping wear (7-10 days)
  • Comfortable Shoes (Canvas shoes & hat for the walking trail)
  • Light-weight jersey / jacket / top (Summer)
  • Warm jerseys / hoodies (Winter)
  • Gym / exercise clothes & gear
  • All toiletries, hairdryer & 2 x towels
  • Pocket Money (coffee shop etc.) Credit & Debit card facilities available
  • Chronic & Home Medication (to be handed in at nurses’ station)
  • Your own supply of cigarettes should you be a smoker (approximately 2 weeks)
  • Reading material & handwork
  • A picnic blanket
  • Electronic devices, earphones & chargers (subject to facility’s usage policies)

Do you need professional help?

Alternatively, please contact us

010 475 0150

Emergency Calls: 066 255 8501
Alternative Phone: 010 475 0160