In-Patient Psychiatric Treatment

What You Need To Know

Commencing your stay at our Psychiatric Unit involves a process of three parts: Pre-admission, pre-authorisation and admission.

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For authorisation, please note:

  • To be admitted, the Clinic requires a referral letter from your treating Psychiatrist, ER Doctor or General Practitioner.
  • Pre-authorisation remains the responsibility of each patient.
  • The admission department will correspond with each individual and provide detailed information and guidance regarding the necessary steps for admission.

Emergency Admissions

In the case of an emergency admission, please get in touch with the clinic as soon as possible so that we can assist where we can. There is a psychiatrist as well as a psychologist on-call for emergencies between 7h00 and 21h00. Should the patient be referred outside these hours, the psychiatrist will see the patient as soon as possible the next day.

In the case of an emergency admission (outside normal office hours), the Clinic will assist with obtaining an authorisation on the first following working day.

Please note that it remains the patient's responsibility to confirm their benefits available with their medical scheme.

In the case of an after-hours emergency or weekend admission, a refundable deposit will be required for the interim period until authorisation has been obtained. Again the clinic's case manager will assist the patient with this process as soon as possible within office hours.

Don't have a Professional Medical Referral?

Don't worry, you can contact us directly at 010 475 0150 / 066 255 8501 and we will assist


Pre-authorisation is the clinic's way of ensuring that all prospective patients are adequately prepared and that all the relevant documentation necessary for their stay is completed. A pre-authorisation number must be obtained once a patient with medical aid has been referred to be admitted at the clinic.

The patient, or primary medical aid member, needs to contact their medical aid to obtain the necessary authorisation and verify that there are benefits available for admittance. This ensures that everything will be in order on the day of your admission and that your intake will be fast, efficient, and less stressful.


For Efficient Pre–Authorisation, your Medical Aid will require the following:
  • Name and Practice Number of Patient’s Doctor
  • Medical Aid Details, Patient Name, Dependent Code, DOB
  • The Clinic’s Name: ZwavelStream Clinic and Practice Number | 0719048
  • Date of Admission
  • Referral Details
  • a.) ICD10 Code | describes diagnosis
  • b.) RPL Code | describes procedure

Fees & Medical Aids
  • ZwavelStream Clinic's fees are in accordance with NHN contracted tariffs.
  • It is in the patient's best interest to be adequately informed about their coverage before admittance. Please familiarise yourself with your medical aid’s/scheme's benefits, available funds or the length of stay your medical aid will fund before admission.

Your Medical Aid will be able to inform you:

  • What Benefits do you have available and whether the service is covered
  • What co-payment, if any, is required. We are a designated service provider for most medical aids.
  • Provide you with an Authorization Number
  • Our Case Managers constantly liaise with Medical Aids regarding benefits available, extensions in the patient's care, etc. Enquiries can be directed to them during the patient's stay with the clinic.
  • Patients are reminded that the account remains their responsibility.

Important Points to Remember for Medical Aid Patients:

  • Most Medical Aids cover accommodation / Hospital Stay and Clinical Costs for a period of 21 days per year
  • The patient is responsible for any amounts not settled by their Medical Aid
  • ZwavelStream Clinic accounts include Ward Fees, Medication and ward Stock Only
  • Accommodation Fees are charged according to negotiated rates between NHN and the Patient's Medical Aid Scheme.
  • Medication is charged per item and is part of the Hospital Bill
  • There are free Psychiatry-related Group Therapy Sessions in place
  • Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers charge separately for their services (Groups and individuals) as per the Medical Aid Fund Tariff, and their account is not part of the clinic's bill.
  • Some Medical Aids exclude Therapies that are not Psychiatry-related |, e.g. Physiotherapy
  • Blood Tests are charged separately by the Pathologist
  • Sleep Studies and holster ECG's do not form part of the Hospital Bill and are charged separately
  • All Medical Procedures that the psychiatrist refers the patient to undergo, e.g. MRIs, X-rays, etc., are not covered under "Psychiatry-related". This will be paid as per the patient's specific option (plan) of his / her Medical Aid Scheme
  • When discharged, Patients must be sure to leave the hospital before 12h00
  • Should Patients have any queries, contact your Medical Aid directly
  • ZwavelStream's Case Managers and admin Staff are available for assistance during Office Hours, Monday to Friday

Private Patients:

Patients who are not members of a Medical Aid or prefer to pay for their Hospitalization privately will be provided with the Clinic’s private fees (excluding service provider costs), upon request. The Administration department can be contacted to obtain the daily rates or 21-day deposit payable figures.

The Clinic’s 21-day deposit is payable upon admission. Should the length of stay be less than 21 days – refunds will be made of the remaining balance. However, should the length of stay exceed 21 days – an additional payment will be required. This can be made via EFT or Debit / Credit Card

Admission Time & Process

The Clinic’s Admin staff will contact you to finalize the date and time of your admission. After your admission has been finalized, you will need to contact your medical aid for authorization (with the information provided by the Admin Staff). Once the authorization has been received, kindly provide us with the authorization number: / 010 475 0150.

Zwavelstream Clinic admits every day of the week, as per your arranged date and time. Please adhere to these given admission times, as a staff member has been specifically appointed to assist with your admission and assist with the admission assessment. Patients are urged to have all the necessary documentation available upon admission. (Please see relevant info regarding pre-authorization).

Please check in at the Main Reception, where an administration staff member will assist the patient and the family/friends. Once the initial intake has been completed, the patient will be assigned to a ward and room. Private rooms are available at an additional cost, if not requested by your admitting doctor.

Once in the ward, a Nursing staff member will conduct an interview with the patient, take a medical history, and complete routine medical checks.

What to Bring Along for Your Stay

Patients should consult this guide to ensure they have all that’s required on the day of admission:

  • All necessary documents for the administrative process (admission documents, authorization documents, ID, medical aid card)
  • 3-week supply of all chronic medication
  • Comfortable, appropriate day & sleepwear (Try to pack for at least 14 days as this is our average stay).
  • No clothing irons are available or are allowed to be brought with to the Clinic, due to safety risk.
  • Gowns are compulsory with sleepwear.
  • Comfortable shoes/sneakers / Shower Flip Flops.
  • Lightweight jerseys/jackets/tops (Even in summer, due to the close location to the river, it is quite chilly in winter)
  • Warm jerseys, jackets/hoodies/scarves (Autumn and winter).
  • Gym/exercise clothing & gear.
  • All toiletries and 3 bathing towels.
  • Pocket Money (coffee shop, etc.) Credit card facilities are available.
  • The Clinic has a Dispensary for in-house administered medication. All other Chronic and home Medications must be brought along. (3-week supply)
  • Your own supply of cigarettes should you be a smoker (approximately 2 weeks). Designated smoking areas are available.
  • Reading material, handwork & other hobby supplies (for example art/guitar).
  • Electronic devices, earphones & chargers.
  • Picnic blankets, especially in summer.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Mosquito repellent, especially in summer. (Available for purchase at the clinic coffee shop)
  • Notebooks and pens (Available for purchase at the clinic coffee shop

Do you need professional help?

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