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Mental Health Clinic & Integrative Specialist Care

Accomplishing wellness through excellence

Welcome to ZwavelStream Clinic, where we strive to provide our patients with a mixed therapeutic model of psychiatric care so that they can discover a renewed sense of wellness that extends beyond mental health. Our mental health clinic was inspired by the desire to provide a psychiatric unit in an environment that “de-institutionalizes and de-stigmatizes” mental health hospitals.
Zwavelstream Clinic is set in the Bronberg, with lush vegetation, manicured gardens, as well as spacious and tastefully furnished rooms. A team of dedicated and experienced professionals provide treatments in this beautiful setting.

Patient-centered programmes in mental health care

Integrative healing for holistic wellness

Mental illness is very often met with fear and misunderstanding, but it is something that touches us all. We aim to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness by equipping patients as well as their families and friends with education, information, and world-class skills and tools that will help them lead productive and fulfilling lives. Our multidisciplinary network is based on- site, and provides the support and treatments needed to aid in recovery. With experienced specialists dedicated to the different streams of mental health, we address mental illness holistically and without judgement.

We treat people struggling with mental illnesses such as:
Support and treatment is also available for people experiencing problems with:

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir

Starting the journey to wellness may be daunting,
but never worse than not trying

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