Seeking Help is the First Step

Your Wellness Begins Here

At ZwavelStream Clinic we believe in the holistic approach to healing, focusing on every aspect of an individual’s wellbeing – psychological, physical, and emotional. Our multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals provides personalized care and treats every patient with compassion and utmost confidentiality.

How we can Help

ZwavelStream Clinic accepts patients for admission who have been referred by their treating psychiatrist, GP, or related healthcare professional. Our aim is to treat immediate symptoms, and then establish a wellness program that will uplift and empower patients to maintain a good quality of life moving forward.

What we can Help with

We provide professional treatment and care for mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety and bipolar. However, mental health problems are not always so obvious, and often overlooked as a result. When your day-to-day functioning is impaired by your current emotional or psychological state, intervention is always advisable.

Getting in Touch

Overcoming the effects of mental health problems begins by reaching out to begin your healing. Sharing your experiences with loved ones will ensure a valid support system that you will need going forward. Speak openly with your healthcare professional about what you are experiencing, and have them give you a referral for admission.

Step 1

Get in contact with us.

Step 2

Our clinic reception will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

Step 3

We plan your journey to recovery.