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Matters of the Mind: Mindfulness
Aug 5, 2019
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Aug 5, 2019

Couples Therapy


We know it doesn’t sound very romantic, but building a lasting, loving relationship is hard work.

Sometimes you can do this work on your own, figuring out for yourselves how best to do that crazy thing called love. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, it becomes clear that a little outside help is needed. That being said, people usually wait until too late in the game, when too much damage has been done before finally seeking help.

This could be because of the misconceptions surrounding couples therapy: it’s only meant for ‘serious’ problems, like infidelity, or should be a last resort when all else fails. The fact of the matter is, couples therapy can treat a variety of relationship issues, while also benefitting the mental health of the individuals involved.

So what exactly is couples therapy?

In short, couples therapy is psychotherapy – also referred to as talk therapy – commonly held by a therapist licensed in marriage and family counseling. The aim is to help the couple gain a better understanding of their romantic relationship. It can also be used to resolve a specific conflict as well as increase overall satisfaction within the relationship.

Couples use this type of therapy when they want to focus on a particular problem, treat the relationship as a whole, or establish behaviours that will lead to greater levels of satisfaction. Therefore, it’s clear that couples therapy is not exclusively for handling a crisis, but can improve relationships in general.

As a result, this kind of therapy can benefit any kind of couple at any stage of their relationship. Whether you’re dating, engaged, or have been married for decades, you are sure to find something of value in couple’s therapy.

A few more reasons people seek out therapy include:

  • Strengthening their relationship
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Infidelity
  • Substance abuse
  • Iron out differences before marriage

It’s important to remember that there’s nothing negative about reaching out for help in your relationship. It only serves as evidence of your love and commitment to making it work.

What you can expect

The main goal of couple’s therapy is to teach partners the skills of problem solving, open communication, and how to talk about their differences in a rational, respectful manner. Using these skills as a basis for every approach to problems that may arise will ensure healthy growth within the relationship.

Your therapist will not only focus on the bad points, but also what’s good so that you can both understand what lies at the root of your conflict. They will also lend professional guidance on your journey to identifying problems and how to solve them without playing the blame game.

What you should know about couples therapy is:

  • Things are likely to get heated during joint sessions
  • You’re allowed to go on your own if your partner refuses to attend
  • You might be given exercises in communication and conflict resolution to practice at home

At ZwavelStream Clinic we have psychologists on our team who specialize in marriage counseling. If you think you could benefit from this type of therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about booking a session.


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