Causes of sleeping disorders?

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Although the causes of sleep disorders might differ, sleep disorders usually result in the disruption or exaggeration of the body’s natural cycle of sleep and wakefulness during the day.

5 factors of sleeping disorder causes include:

Your environment

Drinking alcohol regularly can affect your REM cycle, leaving you tired and irritable.


Some medication can make it hard for the individual to get in a quality night’s sleep.


Narcolepsy is genetic so if you know it runs in your family, it is best to raise this with your medical practitioner.


Sleeping disorders become more common as people age. According to Cleveland Clinic, one-half of adults over 65 have a sleeping disorder. Researchers don’t know why, but they speculate that it is linked to medicine older adults commonly take.


Other mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression could be a cause for the lack of quality sleep.

Mar 9, 2022

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