Dealing with traumatic stress post-Covid

Dealing with traumatic stress post-Covid

It takes time to rebuild a city after a hurricane sweeps through. So will it take time to recover emotionally after a traumatic event transpires. Luckily there are different steps you can take to help yourself or a loved one in need.

Remind yourself that there’s no “wrong” or “right” way to feel

When it comes to trauma, people react in different ways. So don’t tell yourself or let someone else dictate how you should be feeling or thinking.

Never ignore how you feel

Ignoring how you feel will only slow down your recovery process. Allow yourself to feel the way you do without self-judgement. Even some of the most intense feelings will fade after a while if you allow yourself to feel the way you do.

Stop obsessively reliving the traumatic event

Reliving the traumatic events over and over again can overwhelm your central nervous system. We suggest partaking in activities that will keep your mind off of the traumatic event. Reading a book or watching a movie makes for a great distraction.

Re-consider making major life decisions

When you need to make serious life decisions we suggest putting them on hold for a while when dealing with trauma. It is best to overcome the traumatic event and to wait until the dust settles. When you are able to think clearly and you’ve regained emotional balance you can return to those major decisions that awaits you.

Re-establish a healthy routine

We as human beings find comfort in the familiar. After you’ve experienced a traumatic event, getting back to normal can help minimize the impact of it. Try and schedule your day with regular eating, sleeping and relaxing times. The structure and familiarity of routine might help alleviate some stress symptoms.