Holistic Mental Health Care

Holistic Mental Health Care

A lot of people might have heard the term; others might still be unfamiliar with it. Let’s briefly define the term “Holistic Mental health care”
Holistic Mental Health Care can be simply defined as medicine or treatment that focuses on the patient as a whole, taking into account things such as mental and social factors instead of solely focusing on just the symptoms of the disease.

Holistic approaches do not disregard traditional medicine most holistic approaches are in tandem with alternative methods. Holistic treatment focuses on the idea that each person can take charge of their well-being, and unconditional love and support are the best healers after all.

Holistic principals include some of the following:

  • We firmly believe that each patient should be treated as a person and not as their disorder or disease.
  • Everyone has the potential to better themselves.
  • Holistic Treatment works to fix the root cause and not just the symptoms
  • At ZwavelStream we take a team approach where patients and health care providers work together to solve the problem.

There are many methods of holistic medicine out there today for just about every disorder. Most of the time holistic methods are combined with traditional therapy and/or pharmacology ranging from mindfulness meditation to medication.