"Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." – Winston Churchill


Tania van Huyssteen is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in mood disorders, self-dissociation disorders and behavioural disorders. After many years as a successful businesswoman and driven by her passion for helping people, Tania felt inspired to decide to pursue an education and career in Clinical Psychology.

Short summary:

Tania provides specialised therapy to patients that help them better understand themselves. She maintains that to have a good relationship with others, you should develop a good relationship with yourself. Tania is also a life coach and has counselled many businessmen and businesswomen, due to her background in business.

Tania's areas of special interest:
  • Post-graduate.
  • International Masterson Institute For the study and treatment of the disorders of the self: 2013 Three-year postgraduate training program.
  • MSc Medical applied psychology (clinical psychology) University of Pretoria 2002.
  • Ba honours (psychology) Unisa 2000.
  • Ba (social sciences) Unisa 1995.
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (emdr).
  • 2015 trauma model.
  • Ship facilitator/therapist 2003.
  • Rorschach inkblot test 2003.
  • Various courses through the South African psychoanalysis initiative.
  • For continuing professional development.
  • Professional appointments.
Gauteng health
  • Clinical psychologist Children's ward Weskoppies Hospital 2003-2008.
  • Kanyisa Award for Excellence was received in 2007 for visual access and communication systems.
  • Premier’s service excellence for the program.
  • Presented paper at world autism congress 2006.
  • Training of staff in Weskoppies Hospital.
  • Training of staff in various children's homes.
University of Pretoria lecturer medical students 2003-2007
  • Private practice 2004.
  • Psychiatric hospitals.
  • Denmar Hospital 2004 ongoing.
  • Zwavelstream Clinic 2018 is ongoing.
  • Specialising in psychiatric disorders.
  • Personality disorders.
  • Post-traumatic stress, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders etc.
  • Working with children with attachment, and adjustment disorders.
  • Behavioural disorders, ADHD etc.
University of Pretoria cochlear implant unit (PICU)
  • Clinical Psychologist 2008 ongoing.
  • Participation in conference 2018.
Professional registration:
  • Health Professions Council of South Africa (hpcsa).
  • Registration: independent practice (clinical psychologist).
  • Ps 0077577 since 20020112.
  • International Masterson Institute.

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