Exclusive In-Patient Accommodation

Nature’s Tranquility at Work

As you drive up to the psychiatric clinic, you will become aware that, although within minutes of the city's hustle and bustle, you have suddenly entered a completely different environment.

One of peace and tranquillity. The lush gardens emerging from the surrounding bush give you an instant sense of well-being. In establishing the clinic, we sought to preserve as much of the natural environment as possible so that the surroundings could become an integral part of the patient's healing.

The accommodation offers a design that harnesses the healing powers of nature while including touches of modern luxury for added comfort.

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Semi/Private Rooms

The semi-private rooms provide a good balance between privacy and companionship, designed to blend in with the surrounding natural environment. The rooms allow for plenty of natural light and offer stunning scenic views just outside and a shared bathroom fitted with creature comforts.

Our private rooms are specifically for patients who prefer a bit of solitary time and privacy. These comfortable rooms allow patients time away from everyone and include their own private bathroom. Just like the semi-private rooms, these offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Spacious, with quality furnishings, all rooms are designed to make patients feel at home. An extra fee will be charged for the private room if not explicitly indicated as required and paid for by your medical aid.

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