Self Diagnose Quiz -
Anxiety Test
February 26, 2020
Anxiety Test
February 26, 2020

Self Diagnose Quiz

Welcome to your Mental Health Test

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Do you find your ability to function normally being impacted negatively by emotional distress, intrusive memories and/or flashbacks?

Do you feel sad/low with such frequency and intensity that you battle to do the things you would do daily/regularly?

Do you find that the way you feel fluctuates with such intensity you at times feel highly energized to the extent that you cannot sleep, feel the need to continuously party, shop, or be the life of the party?

Do you have feelings of shame, worthlessness, and guilt?

Do you have thoughts or plans of harming yourself?

Do you battle with a persistent sense of worry or fear when there isn’t really anything major to worry about – so much so that it affects your functioning at work, home, or in certain environments?

Do you find that you have certain strange rituals or practices that you compulsively have to act upon in order to do certain things?

Do you find yourself not being able to eat or keep food down because of your beliefs about what it will do to your body shape and weight?

Do you find yourself unable to function effectively after the loss of someone close to you?

Are you on medical aid?

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